We work in northern LATAM, with founders who are forces of change, who have the vision and discipline to transform our region.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI refers to computers systems built to mimic human intelligence and perform tasks such as recognition of images, speech or patterns and decision making. AI can do these tasks faster and more accurately than humans.


In the simplest of terms, blockchain can be described as data you can only add to, not take away from or change. Hence the term “chain” because you’re making a chain of data. Not being able to change the previous blocks is what makes it so secure.

Internet Of Things

Many “things” are now being built with WiFi connectivity, meaning they can be connected to the Internet—and to each other. Hence, the Internet of Things, or IoT. IoT enables devices, home appliances, cars and much more to be connected to and exchange data over the Internet.

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Cero Cash

Cero Cash - AI and BlockChain

Send and spend money abroad with no additional fees.

Jaime Bonetti - CEO and co-founder Launching | November. 2019


Hously - AI

Reinventing | Residential | Renting.

Pamela Reyna - CEO and co-founder Launching | November. 2019


Curbo - AI

Curbo is bringing trust and simplicity to the used car market. Our goal is to turn what is universally regarded as a burdensome life event into a delightful experience.

Carolina Mejia - CEO and co-founder Launching | June. 2020

City App

City App - AI

City App is a mobile app that empowers residents to help take care of their communities. Residents report non-emergency issues with the City directly from their smartphones.

Amalia Jianu - CEO and co-founder Launching | January. 2019


VigiHub - Internet of Things and AI

Complete farm management software that helps farmers in data-driven decision making for improving productivity and profitability. .

Raynnier Gomez - CEO and co-founder Fast-growing | November. 2018


Liv - AI

LIV brings to your house, office, hotel, or wherever you may be, the best beauty professionals and services.

Mahesh Khemlani - CEO and co-founder Fast-growing | 2018

Roraima healthcare

Roraima - AI and BlockChain

A new way to approach healthcare.

Pablo Marcano - CEO and co-founder Fast-growing | April. 2019


Cuyaya - Internet of Things and AI

Cuyaya’s home energy monitor turns your house into a smart house by making all appliances and lights operate based on the activities and conditions of those inside the house.

Guarionex Robiou - CTO and co-founder Launching | April. 2019


Ravn - Blokchain and AI

Ravn is the world’s first invisible & anonymous fully encrypted messenger app with Korrax-Stellar smart contract functionality.

Chris Boundikas - CEO and co-founder Fast-growing | 2018

City App

City App - AI

Mexico City in the palm of your hand

Wenceslao Espinosa - CEO and co-founder Launching | June. 2020



Freekuent. Is a membership wallet. Its function is to control the memberships and the use of their benefits in different affiliated establishments.

Jose Flores - CEO and co-founder Launching | June. 2020


Jarvis - AI

Meet Jarvis, our AI personal assistants. Just CC them, and they’ll automatically schedule your meetings so you can focus on more meaningful work.

Hiring! - CEO and co-founder Launching | June. 2019


Yob - AI

Yob helps HR professionals from different sectors, such as catering, commerce, industry and services, to increase their efficiency and save time.

Sharlyn Rodríguez - CEO and cofounder Launching | June. 2019

Atarazana Labs Academy By Coderise.org

Atarazana Technology Academy - AI

Learn how to code and launch your career as a web developer in 12 weeks.

Sharlyn Rodriguez - CEO and co-founder Launching | April. 2019


Tech and People - AI

We transform different industries through design and technology.

Andre Golabek - CEO and co-founder Fast-growing | 2018

Digital Human

Digital Human - AI

We're a digital product design, UX, and development studio. We’re about products. Things people like and need and use and love.

Cecilia Wagner - CEO and co-founder Launched | November. 2018

Bid Studio

Bid Studio - AI

Everything you need to growth your small business & improving win rates.

Cecilia Wagner - CEO and co-founder Launched | November. 2018



We help companies to reduce costs swiftly and sustainably. To do so, we focus all our experience and resources on strengthening your business’s Purchasing Area.

Vanessa Batista - CEO and co-founder Launched | November. 2018

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Okus - AI

Reinventing the way education is performed.

Manuel Diaz - CEO and co-founder Launched | November. 2018


Boleame - BlockChain

Cut your commute costs by 50-70%! All you need is one other person. Shotgun!

Ana Baz - CEO and cofounder Launching | April. 2019



We connect to the Latino community through the music we like.

Jonathan Rivera - CEO and cofounder Launched | 2017

Iban Wallet


iBAN increases the profitability of your pension, savings, and investment plans.

Daniel Suero - CEO and co-founder Fast-growing| 2016



EduPass makes studying abroad possible for students by guiding them through the university application process.

Luis David Sena - CEO and co-founder Fast-growing | 2016



meSuma consolidates and converts your financial information into useful information that allows you to improve your financial decisions.

Yan Piero Nunez - CEO and founder Launched | 2016


Upper - AI and BlockChain

Living has never been so easy.

Jeremias Nunez - CEO and co-founder Launching | April. 2019



Cleaning your home and your business has never been so easy.

Eduardo Lamarche - CEO and co-founder Launched | 2018

En Fila

En Fila

EnFila allows you to avoid lines and waiting at Dominican hospitals, laboratories, banks, barbers, and dentist offices.

Misael Mireles - CEO y co-founder Launched | 2018


Spaze - AI

Spaze is a new social network that makes planning your activities easy, lets you see what’s hot around you, and helps you decide what to do with your friends!

Victor Lopez - CEO and co-founder Launched | 2018



DelCayo encourages the making and buying of ethical products by certifying brands that are environmentally and socially friendly and listing them for consumers.

Jason Grullon - CEO and co-founder Launched | 2017



Legalitas facilitates the process of getting legal services for companies.

Linette Lantigua - CEO and co-founder Fast-growing | 2018


Smile Helps - AI

We use artificial intelligenceto help doctors diagnose and medicate children with ADHD correctly.

Junior Montilla - CTO and co-founder Launching | June. 2019

Chef Reports

Cloud Reports - AI

Next generation CRM!

Jose Flores- CEO and cofounder Launching | April. 2019

Contact Smarter

Contact Smarter

Lead acquisition, distribution, and follow-up made smart.

Luis Del Giudice - CEO and co-founder Launched | December. 2018


TrackiShip - AI

Transporting cars was never this easy. TrackiShip’s platform connects individuals who want to ship trucks to truck drivers in the area.

Racenll Czarlinski - CEO and co-founder Launching | June. 2019


Madison - AI

Madison helps individuals, organizations, and companies be more efficient and organized by allowing them to access updated information about the status of their business at all times.

Pavel Pichardo - CEO and co-founder Fast-growing | 2017



Make money while shopping, eating, and walking around your city. Instaviu provides a platform for companies to post assignments for app users to do if nearby.

Gabriela Trujillo - CEO and co-founder Launching | June. 2019

Every Box

Every Box

We are dedicated to the designing and making of personalized packages for presents, events, pastries, companies, and jewelry.

Veronica Ricardo - CEO and co-founder Fast-growing | 2018



Search, compare, and acquire the best loan for your company without leaving your office.

Darwin Santos - CEO and co-founder Launching | June. 2019

La Esquina del Sofa

La Esquina del Sofa

High performance disciplines trainer.

Raul Santaella - COO and co-founder Fast-growing | 2018



We work with companies from anywhere in LATAM. We work with companies doing everything from building mobile apps to diagnosing cancer.

We’ll happily work with companies that just started and have nothing more than an idea.

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We are co-founders of startups valued in millions today.

Onil Pereyra

President & Founding Partner

Co-founder Instacarro.com

Andre Golabek

CEO, Partner and Co-Founder

Founder & Managing Partner VEnqis

Amalia Jianu

Partner and Co-Founder

Founder & Managing Partner VEnqis

Guillermo Julián Jiménez


Entrepreneur & President of ANJE Dominican Republic

Alejandro Pena Prieto


President at Squire Patton Boggs

Sharlyn Rodriguez


Business Director

Jaime Bonetti


President Eurodom

Pedro Freire


Co-Founder Mercadoni

Sameer Maskey


Co-Founder Fuse Machines

Coral Sanchez


Co-Founder Corotos.com.do

Andres Barreto


General Partner Firstrock Capital

Freddy Dominguez


Co-Founder ComparaGuru

Rene Martinez


CTO and Co-Founder Spiralis

Juan Carlos Belair


CEO and Co-Founder Spiralis

Antonio Agreda Herrera


CEM Caribbean & Central America

Nelson Munoz

Former Partner

Innovation Director Fihogar

Aurora Chiste

CEO and Founder

Hack for Big Choices

Gordon Gannon


Co-Founder RavnApp

Vlad Heger


Co-Founder RavnApp

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We are looking for great ideas formed by great people that can potentially disrupt the tech industry. We prefer early stage start-ups looking for funding in the $10,000 - $250,000 range and entrepreneurs who are open to guidance and a true partnership.

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